• Date: January 17, 2019

Now that the 20 projects selected in CaixaImpulse 2018 have completed their training, they are currently in the process of implementing the valorisation plans that were approved by the programme’s expert panel on 9 November. The teams behind the projects have 15 months to execute the actions included in their respective plans. These may range from protecting an asset, to developing a minimum viable product, to carrying out further scientific tests.

Likewise, for the next four months, participants can meet with CaixaImpulse’s directory of over 60 experts. As part of the programme, each team can request up to 12 hours of consultancy from the experts in various areas of research transfer to market, such as drug marketing, funding, prototyping and design, licencing and legal issues, and more, bringing the development of each project one step closer.

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