• Date: March 28, 2019

As the selection process for the fifth edition of CaixaImpulse begins, we take the opportunity to look back on our very first edition, and update our audience on where each of the projects selected in CaixaImpulse 2015 are now.

A number of research institutions, universities and consortiums responded to our inaugural call for highly innovative biomedical projects, ready to transfer from the lab to the market and looking for a boost to help them to do so. Of these applicants, 15 were selected to take part in the programme.

The programme was categorised into three business areas; medical devices (five projects), therapeutics (six projects), and diagnostics (four projects).

11 of the 15 projects from CaixaImpulse 2015 have moved forward and are now at various stages in their development. Seven are now operating as a spin-off, or in the case of Smufin, as a service platform.

You can follow the progress of these seven successful projects by reading our programme highlights.

  • Werium Assistive Solutions - smart devices which assess the severity of a motor injury, and encouraging rehabilitation through fun activities.
  • Care Respite - a device used to monitor people dependant on care via a computer vision system that analyses human behaviour.
  • CreatSens Health - a device to measure important biomarkers in nephrology and cardiology from home.
  • GlyCardial Diagnostics - developing a kit for the early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia.
  • SMuFin - a software program that identifies somatic mutations
  • Crystalgel - a hydrogel that facilitates the transportation and administration of therapeutic proteins, while limiting side-effects.
  • ADmit Therapeutics - a diagnostic test to detect Alzheimer's disease in its very early stages.


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