• Date: July 31, 2019

Earlier this month, the team that leads CaixaImpulse played a key role in the organisation of SHEBUCAR, a two-week innovation training programme coordinated by TU Delft and supported by EIT Health as part of Campus Pilar.

The objective of this course? To give participants the chance to dive head first into tackling real-world health challenges and advance on their way to becoming the biomedical entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The SHEBUCAR cohort was made up of 25 master’s students and health innovation professionals, who spent their first week in the Netherlands, where they were hosted by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). TU Delft is a leader in cultivating health entrepreneurs and a collaborator of the CaixaImpulse program.

For the second week, the participants were invited to Palau Macaya in Barcelona to take part in a training week coordinated by the CaixaImpulse team. Participants were challenged to address some of the biggest current medical issues, and to consider where improvements can be made in healthcare systems.

Additionally, students learnt about the essential elements involved in setting up a successful business in healthcare, from acquiring financing to communicating with stakeholders. From the beginning of the course, the students worked in small groups to develop the blueprint for a digital health project or medical device, applying what they had learnt throughout the course.

With a particular focus on patient perspective and unmet medical needs, the eight groups designed innovative projects tackling a diverse range of issues, such as affordable diagnostic tools for emerging countries, data interoperability, optimisation of current medical devices, and know-how applicability in services platforms.

Each group presented their idea in front of a panel of experts in social impact, innovation and technology transfer. The winning team has been invited to attend the upcoming EIT Health Summit in Paris.

On its involvement in the course, the CaixaImpulse team commented, “By collaborating with this initiative, we aim to promote an innovative perspective among young researchers and professionals, and to help generate promising ideas coming from the next generation of biomedical entrepreneurs.”

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