• Date: December 05, 2019

Five CaixaImpulse projects have recently participated in twin matchmaking events with innovation teams from Tecnalia. The projects RoboTherapist, TimeUp, High-Content Screening Microscopy, PROMISE study and SUCCIPRO were identified and selected by Tecnalia’s experts who work on similar projects.

During the workshops, held in Bilbao this and last week, technology experts from Tecnalia provided constructive advice and support as these projects enter their next stages. An important goal of this activity, which is part of the CaixaImpulse training program, was to discuss the value that technical partnerships, collaborations and synergies could bring to their projects.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid researcher José Carlos González, who is part of the team behind RoboTherapist, explains that their meeting with Tecnalia’s robotics expert was a unique and invaluable opportunity to have a fresh pair of eyes examine their project. “He gave us a lot of practical advice focused specifically on our project, and covering highly advanced topics such as the clinical metrics that we manage, and the target of our next clinical evaluation,” José Carlos comments. “Together, we identified the Tecnalia services that could be useful for our valorization plan, as well as other collaboration opportunities like a technical partnership.” He concludes, “For us, this was a very productive event, from which we expect to see tangible results in the coming months.”

Tecnalia provides consultancy services to businesses looking to foster innovation within their companies, as well as supporting new projects and start-ups on their journey to the market. It is through partnerships like this one that CaixaImpulse strives to offer participating teams the best tools available to help them execute the approved valorisation actions.

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