• Date: January 09, 2020

Having completed four diverse and fruitful weeks of training, the 2019 CaixaImpulse Validate projects are now set to implement their valorisation plans.

These plans bring greater value to the projects, thus accelerating the speed at which they can reach the market and benefit society. The participants detail a plan of action which can include a proof of concept, as well as how they will address areas such as intellectual property, business development, and marketing.

Developed throughout the second half of 2019 and with the guidance of dedicated programme mentors, it was the assessment of these valorisation plans by an expert panel that determined how much additional funding each project would receive to carry them out.

In addition, participants can continue meeting with their assigned mentors and requesting up to twelve hours of consultancy with the programme’s directory of over 80 biomedical innovation experts, to help steer them in the right direction while executing their plans.

Former participants regularly cite this access to such a diverse community of industry players as an indispensable stepping stone in their project’s journey towards the market. You can discover some of their stories by visiting our programme highlights.

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