Integral Foot Protector based on 3D Fabrics for prevention of foot pressure ulcers

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Novel integral foot protector to prevent pressure ulcers in the foot (PUF). The device is specially designed to comprehensively protect all areas of the foot with a unique 3D fabric, which has demonstrated great pressure absorption and safety profile with no iatrogenic complications associated.

An observational/prospective study in hospitalized elderly subjects by the team of scientists showed a PUF prevalence rate of 30.1% at hospital admission and 73.9% at hospital discharge, with an incidence rate during hospitalization of 9.51% PUF/100 person-day. 


  • To prevent PUF in vulnerable patients. To improve the health status and quality of life of population with impaired mobility. To reduce healthcare expenses associated to PUF treatment

Problem to Solve

Complex wounds present a substantial economic burden on healthcare systems, as well as having human costs, which include pain, distress, embarrassment, anxiety, prolonged hospital stays, impaired quality of life, morbidity and even hightened mortality. Much of this suffering can be preventable, increasing the comfort of life of people with impaired mobility, those in preventive care at home and generally improving the quality of life of adult population in acute care, long-term care and homecare settings.


Prevention of pressure ulcers is key because treatment can be difficult and established ulcers can result in devastating consequences such as amputation. It is considered essential to decrease the pressure in the main risk areas of the foot to prevent pressure ulcers. The present project aims to bring to market a new innovative concept of Integral Foot Protector which, using 3D fabrics, will be able to successfully overcome functional limitations associated with current models of heel protectors on the market: specially designed to comprehensively protect all areas of the foot, firmly attached with no movements, high safety profile: with no iatrogenic issues, easily adaptable and re-usable, comfortable and easy to use by the patient. 

Level of Innovation

The Integral Foot Protector poses several advantages to current approaches to reduce pressure ulcers. Firstly, the device has a high capacity to decrease pressure in the areas of the foot at risk to become ulcerated, also avoiding shear forces. In addition, the Protector comprehensively protects all the areas of the foot, with no iatrogenic effects associated. Finally, the Protector is very cost effective, as it is washable hence reusable.


Ph.D., Scouting and Technology Transfer Manager

Laura López García


Project leader

promoter of the idea. Coordinator Care Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Dr. Jesus Alós

Consorci Sanitari del Maresme

Director of innovation

Pere Clavé Civit

Head unit research

Mateu Serra Prat


Member of the Board

Raj Airey



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