Medical Device for a better knee rehabilitation post-surgery

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Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices are used in postoperative rehabilitation.

In the diarthrodial or synovial joints (i.e. knee or elbow), ligaments and tendons further overlap the two articular surfaces aiding a rolling or angular turn. Existing devices fail to reproduce the natural articular movement, which is hypothesized to be the cause of the lack of efficiency shown by current CPM devices.

The current device aims to improve the performance of the rehabilitation, inducing the translation component within the flexion-extension passive movement of the joint. Thus, permitting to closely mimic the natural articular movement and improving overall rehabilitation.


  • To develop a continous passive motion device for rehabilitation therapies. The device induces the translation component within the flexion-extension passive rotation of the knee, better mimicking the natural movement of the joint.

Problem to Solve

CPM devices usage for rehabilitation from a joint surgery is not universally accepted due to the aggressiveness applied to the articulation, not respecting the natural movement with the consequent reduction of range of motion without pain and the increase risk of a new injury.


The device developed by Eurecat and Althaia comprises means for inducing a flexion-extension movement of the joint, further inducing a slide between the two articular surfaces. Therefore, the device permits a more natural articular movement.

Level of Innovation

The device includes a biometric mechanism and a high level of adaptability to different types of patients, both representing an innovation and improvement of current available devices.


(IP) Biomechanics group leader. eHealth Unit.

Dr. Sebastian Idelsohn Zielonka


Project leader

R+D Manager

Dr. Jesús Montesinos Muñoz

Fundació Althaia

Technology Transfer

Ing.Ferran Soldevila Grau


Researcher. Biomechanics group. eHealth Unit

Ing. Mireia Claramunt


Physiotherapist. Co-owner of the new device patent

Dr. Rafel Donat Roca

Manager eHealth Unit

Dr. Felip Miralles Barrachina



Deputy Director of Innovation. Head of Health Technology Assessment Unit

Laura Sampietro

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


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Caixa Capital Risc

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Medical Devices

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Fundacio Eurecat