Surgical kit to perform Spinous Process Shortening – Laminoplasty (SPS-L)

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The “Spinous Processes Shortening Laminoplasty” (SPS-L) is a novel surgical technique that has been developed as an alternative to address spine stenosis associated problems. Stenosis of the spine is a common pathology in elderly people, with current techniques having multiple post-operative complications, with a high reoperation rates. The SPS-L surgical kit will be available for clinical practice, improving the current available techniques. 


  • To introduce a new technique that will substantially improve the quality of life of patients, facilitating their reintegration to daily life and jobs, reducing hospital stays and the rate of reoperation, as well as social and family expenditure. The current project will develop SPS-L as a surgical kit to market approval and clinical validation.

Problem to Solve

The effects of a narrow spinal canal are highly incapacitating, representing a high burden for an individual’s health. In addition, the increase of ageing population is linked with a rise in degenerative diseases such as narrow spinal canal.


The immediate objective is to develop the kit of instruments and devices already designed for further clinical validation, which would allow to become an alternative to exisiting kits for laminoplasty procedures.

Level of Innovation

The current projects aims to change the current surgical procedure, which leads to high rates of reoperations, improving patients quality of life and general health. In addition, SPS-L has added advantages as the reduction of laminoplasty post-operative complications, the lowering of risks associated with spinal cord and vascular lesions. Moreover, SPS-L reduces the time in surgery and has been widely accepted in the international community of neurosurgeons.


Project Leader

José Pineda

Fundació Bosch i Gimpera / Universitat de Barcelona

Project leader

Neurosurgery expert

David Pereira

Fundació Bosch i Gimpera / Universitat de Barcelona


Alberto Prats Galino,

Fundació Bosch i Gimpera / Universitat de Barcelona


Deputy Director of Innovation. Head of Health Technology Assessment Unit

Laura Sampietro

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


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Fundació Bosch i Gimpera - LSNA (Laboratory of Surgical NeuroAnatomy)