(From left) Eileen Raaijmakers, Matthijs Kan and Dr. ing. Victor Scholten, Assistant Professor in Technology-Based Entrepreneurship at Delft University of Technology, in front of Palau Macaya. Photo courtesy of Emad Yaghmaei.
  • Date: January 31, 2019

Held in December in Palau Macaya, CaixaImpulse’s Financing Week sessions provided the teams behind the projects selected in the 2018 call with expert-led training in a range of areas connected to starting up a business in the life sciences. The topics of the sessions ranged from securing funding via business angels and public avenues, to building and managing teams, to responsible research and innovation (RRI), and more.

As part of CaixaImpulse’s partnership with EIT Health, the final week of the training sessions was also attended by two master’s degree students from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Matthijs Kan, who is doing his master’s in Biomedical Engineering, and Eileen Raaijmakers, who is doing hers in Integrated Product Design. TU Delft has been involved in EIT Health’s SHAPE Programme, which connects students with real-life health challenges and business opportunities.

According to Matthijs, the Financing Week sessions, which offered detailed explanations of the models used by Venture Capitalists and Investment Banks, provided a valuable opportunity to gain an understanding of the processes involved in attracting investments and the financial business model evaluation. The experience challenged the students to see many aspects of health business development with fresh eyes, both financially and, in the case of the event’s RRI workshop, societally. “Clear societal purpose can definitely help a start-up grow and stay relevant for the long term”, Matthijs commented.

One of the highlights for the pair was the willingness of the speakers to engage with their audience. “This gave us the chance to walk through our problems with a professional investor, who are usually not available to us”, said Matthijs. He pointed out that the benefits extended beyond the insights gained during the presentations, adding: “It has also been a way to get in touch with people from other parts of the world, who share our entrepreneurial mindset.”

Both are currently studying a module in Management of Technology, for which they have been working on a business plan to develop a mobile app that uses 3D motion tracking for rehabilitation. Their project aims to facilitate adherence to home exercises, allowing patients to recover more conveniently and rehabilitation therapists to handle clients in an efficient manner. Their participation in the Financing Week sessions equipped both with useful tools to develop their project, while allowing them to build on a personal interest in business and entrepreneurship.

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