• Date: May 23, 2019

From video games to artistic expression and beyond, Werium Solutions is reimagining rehabilitation. Since taking part in CaixaImpulse 2015, and launching as a spin-off of the Spanish National Research Council the same year, the start-up has been working hard to address the pressing need for affordable assistive devices that facilitate physiotherapy and improve patient quality of life. Read on to find out more about their latest products and collaborative projects, which are already having a considerable impact in clinics and treatment centres.

Pro Motion Capture

Their flagship product, the Pro Motion Capture sensor, provides physiotherapists with an innovation solution to assess patients’ joint range of motion, motion speed and pain markers. Its visual interface allows physiotherapists to not just track patient progress with ease, but also to design interactive scenarios based on videogames to rehabilitate a number of motor and neuromotor disorders. Check out how it works:



Another product by Werium Solutions, Enlaza, uses an inertial sensor to control computer-based interactions with body motion. The purpose of this product is to assess joint range, and provide a fun way for patients to perform rehabilitation exercises through computer games.

The company has recently released a series of videos demonstrating the various creative applications of this product, to assist in both the physical rehabilitation and the psychological wellbeing of patients.

Artistic expression through Proyecto ENLAZARTE

Having recently collaborated with Aspace Cantabria, a treatment and care centre for cerebral palsy patients, they have developed Proyecto ENLAZARTE, with the objective of allowing patients to express themselves artistically. In the following video, Miguel Ángel, a patient from Aspace Cantabria, uses the Enlaza sensor to create digital art which varies visually depending on the mood of the artist.


Therapeutic video games at InPaula Neurorehabilitation Centre

Werium Solutions have also collaborated with InPaula Neurorehabilitation Centre to create a range of video games to assist in the monitoring and rehabilitation of individuals with cerebral palsy and other conditions that affect movement. As demonstrated in the video below, the Enlaza sensor enables users to interact with the game via body motion, which is especially useful when conventional gaming consoles cannot be used by the patient.


The start-up has created a range of products for children with special needs, all of which can be found on their new website, Werium Kids.


In addition to their work with children, they are also currently collaborating with Albertia Servicios Sociosanitarios to develop SWalkers, which are robotic walkers designed to reduce the number of rehabilitation sessions required by elderly people who have suffered a hip fracture.

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