• Date: July 05, 2019

From today, we will be accepting applications for our new acceleration call - CaixaImpulse Consolidate.

CaixaImpulse Consolidate is designed for mature projects with a clear commercialisation roadmap. With a specialised focus on the valuation of assets and attracting private investment, the overall objective of this programme is to help biomedical projects achieve transfer success.

From 2019 onwards, CaixaImpulse will be split into two streams. While our original programme will continue to support early stage biomedical research projects under its new title “CaixaImpulse Validate”, we will also be extending our support to later stage projects with our new programme, CaixaImpulse Consolidate.

To participate in this programme, projects must have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) equal to or greater than 4. Furthermore, they must be able to demonstrate that they have a clear roadmap towards the development of a biomedical product that has a positive social impact.

Open to Spanish and Portuguese universities, hospitals, research institutions and other non-profit entities, the call will remain open all year round, with a maximum of three cut-offs and selection periods throughout the year. Applicants may submit a project that falls under one of three business areas: MedTech, Therapy and Digital Health.

In addition to being granted up to €300,000, each selected project will benefit from access to our board of mentors and experts, receiving expert advice and consultation (in areas such as IP, administration and legal).

Applicants are asked to complete a letter of intent (a sample of which can be downloaded from our website) to enter the first evaluation stage. Pre-selected projects will then pass through to the second stage of evaluation, where they will be directed to submit a full proposal via our website platform.

For more information and to start your application, click here.

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