• Date: July 09, 2019

This week, the first of the four CaixaImpulse Validate training sessions has kicked off at Barcelona’s Palau Macaya. From 8-12 July, the recently selected participants of our newest edition are taking part in the Immersion Week. This is a unique opportunity to learn all about the full scope of health tech transfer from the experts, including former CaixaImpulse project leaders who have already gone through the same journey that our new cohort is about to begin.

Ignasi López Verdeguer, Director of the Department of Science and Research at "la Caixa" Foundation, delivering his opening address to the CaixaImpulse Validate 2019 participants

This introductory week will be filled with a mixture of lectures, individual meetings and interactive sessions covering a range of topics, with the overall of aim of familiarising the next generation of health tech start-ups with the steps and processes that are essential when bringing a scientific innovation to the clinic.

Each morning of this week’s training begins with a plenary session, and these got under way on Monday with a general overview of the valorisation process presented by Aquilón Cyl CEO, Luis Ruiz. From here, the 2019 participants learnt about biomedical product development from Josep Lluís Falcó, CEO of the consultancy firm Genesis Biomed. Some of the other key speakers featured throughout the week include Abril Abogados attorney Ignacio Temiño, who will present a session on intellectual property protection, Tony Anagor, the Managing Director of Lifestyle, whose session aims to equip participants with effective communication skills, Cecilia López, Partner & Founder of CSyM Asesores, covering the do’s and don’ts of technology transfer, and Judit Cubedo, co-founder and CEO at GlyCardial Diagnostics, which was a project selected in CaixaImpulse 2015. Her talk will focus on gaining financing for a biomedical project.

Another unique feature of the programme is the “Kick-Off Meetings”, which began in the first week of July and continue this week. During these interactive workshops, participants have the chance to put into the practice the concepts learnt in the morning lectures, and apply them to their own projects.

On Thursday, the participants will be introduced to the mentors who will remain with them throughout the 8-month mentoring programme. During the morning’s Mentor’s Forum, the teams will deliver a 5-minute presentation of their project, and each will then receive 10 minutes of feedback from the mentors. This will be followed by a friendly and informal lunch, during which each mentor will get to know the teams that they will be guiding, and participants will have the chance to brainstorm and share insights with each other. Thursday’s schedule will finish with a series of hour-long individual meetings between each team and their mentor. During this timeframe, participants will receive guidance and valuable feedback on their drafted valorisation plans.

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