• Date: January 28, 2020

The CaixaImpulse Validate training programme has now wrapped up for the 2019 participants, equipping them with essential skills to propel them to a new phase in their development.

However, entering the healthcare market is a complex process that can take many years. While CaixaImpulse Validate supports the earliest stages in innovation, there are many programmes, initiatives, events and resources aimed at boosting the development of health projects at every stage.

We’ve listed below some of the potential “next steps” for CaixaImpulse Validate participants as their projects enter a more mature phase.

  • CaixaImpulse Consolidate

Launched in 2019, CaixaImpulse Consolidate is our new call for more advanced biomedical projects. Like Validate, it provides financial support and a tailored training programme. Projects entering CaixaImpulse Consolidate must have a technology readiness level (TRL) of 4 or higher, as well as a clear roadmap towards commercialization. Selected projects receive up to €300,000 to bring them to an investment-ready stage. This a permanently open call with several cut-offs throughout the year, the next of which is 23rd March.

  • EIT Health

Former CaixaImpulse projects can also continue to connect with and learn from experts by entering one of the many programmes offered by EIT Health, a knowledge and innovation community (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This organisation offers a variety of initiatives that cater to projects at all stages of development, including training of essential regulatory and legal steps so that start-ups can dive into the different European healthcare systems and thrive.

Find the EIT Health Programme that is best suited to your needs here.

What’s next for the CaixaImpulse Validate 2019 projects?

Explaining what’s in store for the future of her project Carcinoma therapy, Angélica Figueroa Conde-Valvís, a researcher at the Instituto de Investigación Biomédica A Coruña, says:

“At present, our immediate goal is to select compounds exhibiting drug-like properties and potential for further optimization towards a candidate drug that could enter the regulatory preclinical development phase.”

Angélica and her group have identified novel small-molecule inhibitors intended as therapy for metastatic colon cancer.

Another 2019 participant, Alexandra Moreira from Instituto de Investigação e Inovação da Universidade do Porto (i3S), who leads the project iPLUS, explained the next steps for her project:

“CaixaImpulse Validate has taught us the importance of contacting relevant decision-makers to boost the transfer of our technology, as well as ensuring intellectual property protection. Now that we have completed the training programme, we hope to further develop and explore the value of our iPLUS technology, and build more strategic partnerships in the pharma industry.”

iPLUS is a new 28-nucleotide noncoding sequence, which can be widely used as an effective tool to further increase recombinant protein production. It has potential applications in the drug production sector, including in the production of antibodies for immunotherapy.

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