• Date: December 27, 2017

Held in Barcelona on 18 December, the CERCA Pioneer Awards 2017 awarded prizes to two CaixaImpulse participants. The Pioneer Awards recognise researchers from CERCA centres with a PhD clearly focused on starting or strengthening a product or technology that has the potential to be of industrial or commercial interest.

The winners for this year’s event included Jordi Hernández, whose PhD thesis, Regulation of NUMB alternative splicing by RBM10 and control of cancer cell proliferation, received acclaim from the jury for its potential impact on cancer research and treatment. Hernández is taking part in the 2017 CaixaImpulse programme with the AON project, which is based in his research.

Other Pioneer Award-winners included Elena Martínez, a CaixaImpulse alumni. Her PhD thesis, Protein signatures in uterine aspirates to improve diagnosis of endometrial cancer, was highlighted by the jury for its potential impact on identifying new biomarkers to better detect endometrial cancer. Martínez was one of the team members for the CEMARK project, which took part in the 2016 edition of CaixaImpulse.

The CERCA Institute is an organisation run by the Government of Catalonia, which supports and facilitates a network of more than 40 research centres throughout the region.

Picture: CERCA/Inés Navarro

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