Accurate dermatology diagnosis through smartphone imaging

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Colour assessment has proven to be crucial for early skin cancer diagnoses. DermaSnap allows smartphone cameras to detect real colours with a lower error rate than the human eye (below 5%). This solution can therefore turn mobile devices into accurate dermatology tools for the telediagnosis of skin cancer and other skin pathologies. In addition, it offers patient empowerment by allowing them to check their own skin.


  • To ensure the early diagnosis of skin cancer and other skin diseases by providing accurate skin colour information through smartphone imaging.

Problem to Solve

One in every three cancers diagnosed worldwide is skin cancer, with 2-3 million cases diagnosed every year. Even though skin colour assessment is critical for early diagnosis, existing technologies fail to reproduce colour in a reliable way. Indeed, colour in digital imaging is strongly dependent on the ambient light and camera settings, among other factors.



Existing products in the telemedicine sector use conventional white balance for colour correction, making them unsuitable for visual assessment. DermaSnap, on the other hand, uses an automated colour recognition method for smartphone cameras called ColorChecker, or CChk, which works like a white balance calibration for every colour in an image. The system is also compatible with dermatoscopy imaging, the most common technique employed by physicians to examine skin with high magnification.

Level of Innovation

DermaSnap is a radical improvement as it makes colour interpretation accurate and reliable without requiring any type of conditioning or complex gadgets other than a smartphone.



Project leader. Associate professor

Juan Daniel Prades

UB - Universitat de Barcelona

Project leader


María Eugenia Martín

Fundació Bosch i Gimpera / Universitat de Barcelona

Head of Dermatology Service

Susana Puig

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

PhD student

Ismael Benito

UB - Universitat de Barcelona


Global Product Marketing Manager

Raúl Zurita

B. Braun España


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Preventive medicine

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Research center

Fundació Bosch i Gimpera, Universitat de Barcelona